Thursday, November 8, 2007

Last Nights Ghost Hunters..

I was not really impressed with the reveal of the investigation.. I was hoping for some EVPs or video. Most of what was shown I had seen on the investigation night.. There were only three things I had not really seen. One being the supposed face in the body chute. Second, the reaction on Kris and Dustin in the body chute where they encountered something unknown. Third, the close up of the ball in the hallway moving.... The second case was very cool. They caught several pieces of evidence that had me guessing. Although, for the mother to be so worried about her daughter, she had a very different reaction at the reveal. She seemed more ecstatic that there was something there in the house, than worried about something in the house.. Odd to say the least..

I think this was the final episode for the season, will have to check on that one..

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Lifeisinthechaos said...

I thought the same thing about that Mom. If my child was telling me a man was showing him "his brain" my next reaction would have been to get names out of TAPS for who could help getting the spirits out of there.