Wednesday, December 19, 2007

HEB Is Running A Special Hot Wheels Sale..

Was told yesterday that HEB, local grocery store to Texas, is having a two for one Hot Wheels sale beginning today. I need to check that after work tonight.. But most stores have received their shipments early.. I spent two hours digging through a large dump bin of them the other night with a friend.. This is what we found..

Excuse the guy in the back, walked into view as I took the pic..

The main score..

It was a lot of fun to dig through.. Thanks for the look.

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Wow, Coming To The End Of The Month..

I have been extremely busy and have totally ignored the blog.. With the end of the month coming I should add some stuff before then.. Christmas is next week and I can't wait..

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Monday, December 3, 2007

Almost there..

After striping and repainting I have almost made it to the finish. Stole the wheels from a Since '68 Hot bird which looked a lot like the original wheels. I need to modify them a bit more.. They tend to stick out a just a bit too much.. I need to order the decals and get those on and clear the whole thing.. Cannot wait until I get this finished completely..

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