Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving..

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all..

Hope you have a great day...

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Legend Of The Seeker..

A new show by the people who brought you Xena and Hercules. The Legend Of The Seeker comes from a series of books from what I understand and is now being adapted for TV. I have watched all four episodes of this new series and find it a great and entertaining series. I have read that some are arguing that it does not follow the books precisely. Again, here we go with the naysayers, but this is a great show. I wish every episode was two hours.. Here is a trailer for the new show.. It is also available on iTunes and local television.. Check your local listing from their neat search engine on the main site HERE..

The New Star Trek XI Trailer..

A new trailer was recently released for the new film in the Star Trek series.  Looks pretty interesting, it sure does look action packed.  Now, I wonder what all those Trek morons are saying about how this is not in line with the cannon of the series, get over it people..  I maybe a sci-fi nut and Star Trek fan but will never limit my view as to what is right or wrong based on technical manuals..  I think those goons are funny to be able to quote and describe every detail of everything down to the atom...   Anyway here is the new trailer, enjoy...

And as always, "Live Long And Prosper."

49ers Vs Cowboys

UGH, as if it cannot get any worse, the 49ers when down in flames Sunday losing to the Cowboys 35-22.  You know, after their start this year I had high expectations for the rest of the season.  When are they going to learn not to pull running plays at the goal line until they have some power in the offensive line.  The first three field goals should have been touchdowns and they just screwed around and messed up. 

Oh well, hopefully next season will be better.  I have not and will not ever give up hope for my team though.  Like the true fan, I will always be with them through the loses and wins..

Friday, November 14, 2008

The New Message Board..

Well, it is going ok.  Getting use to creating one of these darn things.  Turns out to be quite the task, but I am getting there.  Feel free to visit and say hello.  Once I get some other forums tied in and tied down, I will work more on the graphics aspect.  Hopefully, it will become a great place to hang out and chat.  Again feel free to stop in and say hi..  You can reach it via this link..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

Some Funny Pics For The Day..

Just thought I would throw these up for some laughs..  Found them viewing images from Google..


Monday Night 49ers Game..

Being far from the west coast, this will be one of the only times I will be able to see my team play on television.  Tonight they take on the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Night Football.  Now, with another change in the quarterback and some others, we will see if they can come back to where they were at the beginning.  We shall see, but make sure to put your game face on..

What A Great Picture...

Found this also while searching images on Google..  I am wondering where this was done and under what circumstances.   Makes for a great greeting card pic doesn't it.  Something like, "Now and then, everyone needs a hug"... 

One Awesome Cat..

Called the Bengal Cat, these guys are just plain awesome.  Came across a picture of these guys over the weekend doing image searches on Google.  I think these are the best breed of cat I have ever seen.  I added a blog site and website on the right hand column of my blog for more information.  They are a little high in price but I think they are well worth it.  They also are said to be very smart and very personable.  I have two cats of my own, so I am not in a position to have one.  But, perhaps further in the future..  Here are a few other pictures I came across..

Friday, November 7, 2008

CafePress And My Custom Designs..

I have opened a store at to try my hand at designing some stuff that people may enjoy buying.   I only have one item so far, it is my take on a bumper sticker for Sarah Palin in 2012.  I used a custom designed pit bull logo that I got from an idea I saw on the web somewhere.  I went through the task of getting a picture of a pit bull, grayed it out, and sliced it up to look like the Republican Party Logo.  Blue up top with the three stars and cut in half with red on the bottom.  I plan to come up with a few more designs for other stuff, just have to think them up..  You can view the one I have now at my CafePress store HERE.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Last Night's Ghost Hunters...

Last night the Ghost Hunters revealed their catches from Fort Delaware.  I didn't see anything I had not already seen, being a live broadcast.  One thing I had missed was the jacket pull from one of the other female investigators that was explained to be the microphone belt pack. 

The other episode was very cool though.  The activity in the second investigation was crazy.  Definitely something going on there in that home.  It was sad that the owner feels as though they cannot live in their own home.  I did get a sense that it was only trying to communicate after she had explained that the entity had woken her in order to keep a pot for catching fire.  In looking at that instance, I would say that something could be set up for communication between the entity and the home owner. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hot Wheels Collector Day...

Kmart is having another Hot Wheels Collector day event this Saturday at 9 am.  Check with your local stores to confirm or you can check HERE for a listing of participating stores.  Three exclusive color cars and two first to market cars.  Also, you have your chance at the all elusive Treasure Hunts.  There is also an exclusive mail-in car as well.  Check out the link for more information..

Ghost Hunters Tonight..

Tonight is the reveal for all the evidence collected during their live Halloween special.  I am interested in what else they caught either on video or audio.  There have been several skeptics trying to debunk the pulling of Grant's jacket.  While some of them look possible, I really do not think the Ghost Hunters would do that to their audience.  So tonight we shall watch and see. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Well, The Election Comes To A Close..

Now we can move on and wait until the next year to see what it brings..  It certainly has been an interesting election and historical in all aspects. 

Now on to other stuff..

Monday, November 3, 2008

Stargate Worlds Is Coming Along..

With more screenshots and videos being released we can imagine how great this thing will be.   Check out more at  Don't forget you can also sign up for the beta test there as well.. 

Great Pic And Caption...

Saw this at the Glenn Beck website.  I had to post it over here just for kicks..

The photo above captures a disturbing trend that is beginning to affect wildlife in the USA .

Animals that were formerly self-sufficient are now showing signs of
belonging to the Democratic Party... as they have apparently learned to
simply sit and wait for the government to provide for their care and

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ghost Hunters Halloween Live..

These are two videos of the Ghost Hunters Live Halloween investigation.  If you watch closely in the first one you will see Grant's coat get pulled at the collar.  This happens three times and you can see it happen every time.  What a great catch, check it out below...

In the next video you can hear a voice say, "You're not suppose to be here" twice.  Another great catch by the Ghost Hunters..

Watch Wednesday at their regular time to see the rest of the evidence checked out and revealed..