Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ghost Hunters..

Reruns off Ghost Hunters are now going to be shown every Wednesday until the new season starts.. The new season will also bring about Ghost Hunters International.. Cannot wait for the next season..

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Network Storage..

Just got introduced to a network storage link from Linksys. This little storage link is very handy indeed. It allows you to connect on USB flash drive and an external USB hard drive. The only drawback is that you cannot connect two USB flash drives only one of each.. But is still a really neat device... Check it out on their page for more information...

  • Connects USB 1.1 or 2.0 disk drives and flash disks directly to your network
  • Share music, video, or data files with managed access by user name or group
  • Integrated file server -- access your files from the Internet
  • Built-in disk utilities -- format, backup, and scandisk

Linksys Network Storage Link

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Small Update..

Get it repaired.. Sort of.. Need to strip the paint once again and look into getting the hard cast lines out of it and redo the pillar areas.. All in all, I am having fun with it.. Next I am looking into wheels and decal sets...

Only time will tell..

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Bringing This One Back..

Doing a restore project on an old classic.. It is a bit rough and the roof is kind of smashed..

Progress so far.. Not too bad, but the window pillars cracked when I was straightening them out.. That should not be too hard to fix, I need to repair the hole in the trunk where I drilled through... Ooops..

Will post more updates as they happen...

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

All Day Enterprise..

To go along with the all day Ghost Hunters, Sci-Fi will be airing Star Trek: Enterprise all day Friday. Two days of great shows all day.. This will be a lot better than most of the all day marathons they usually have..

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All Day Ghost Hunters..

Thursday, Thanksgiving, Sci-Fi will be having an all day Ghost Hunters Marathon.. Of course they will be reruns but it will be very enjoyable.. You can never have enough..

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Leaving This Topic..

Well, after thinking about it, I am going to let the Transformers go.. The hype was more than the figures.. Like everything, they were very cool at first.. Now with the latest shipments they are suffering in quality and there seems to be no new figures in the line as of yet. I am planning on making a list on my website, sometime, of the ones out with pictures.. I guess I will leave it at that for now. If they make some new ones I will continue at that time..

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New Case Codes...

Came across the new case codes last night 996BBE, 996BBF, and 996BBQ. All cases that I saw had a regular Evil Twin treasure hunt. I saw four cases at one Walmart, 996BBE x3 and 996BBF x1. The 996BBE had a regular hunt in the bottom layer.. The 996BBF had the hunt in the top layer. The other Walmart had put out three cases, 996BBE x2 and 996BBF x1. The stocker had told me there were three hunts also. The other case, 996BBQ, had just come out on another pallet which he stocked. The hunt was in the top layer of the 996BBQ case code.. A lot of new 2008 stuff was also in these cases.. No $upers in any of the eight total cases.. Oh well, I will come across them..

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Friday, November 16, 2007

A Few New Old Ones..

Just added a few new oldies to the collection.. I am actually having fun finding these old cars, somewhat better than spending hours looking for the new stuff..

And one of my favorites..

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Last Nights Ghost Hunters...

Last night's episode was great.. It really showed the great family that Ghost Hunters is. The serious side like getting things set up to the trickery that goes on behind the scenes.. There is so much that goes on to get a show like that going.. I cannot wait to see the next season. Just from the sneak peak that they gave it looks to be an awesome season. There are many that complained because of the lack of evidence that their cases were having in the first two seasons. Then as they progressed it got more intense. I personally think it is like anything new. They were pretty much just starting out when they came online and now they are more experienced and know what and where to look..

Great job T.A.P.S. keep it up..

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What Better Way To Share Collecting...

Than to share it with my son..

Now all he needs is a few more $upers...

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Just Got A New Mointor..

Have to give praise to this monitor the AG-191DPB by I-Inc. Normally I would say an off brand would be out of the question, but this is a great monitor.. You can purchase them at Tigerdirect for a reasonable price and it is well worth every penny.. The quality is great and it is very crisp. Makes my laptop LCD look dull and dark, lol.. I need to try them on a game to get an overall look, which should happen tonight. Even though their resolution is not up in the 1600 range they are still great for everyday use. Check them out under the 19" monitor section. The menu on the monitor is very easy to use and it was also very easy to install. Here is some quotation from their add.

I-Inc AG-191DPB 19-inch LCD Monitor with Speakers Enjoy
vividly realistic picture quality with I-Inc's AG-191DPB 19-inch SXGA
LCD Monitor with Speakers. The AG-191DPB features an LCD TFT screen
with SXGA (1280x1024) resolution. This outstanding LCD monitor offers
300-nit brightness, 700:1 contrast and 16.7 million displayable colors.
Enjoy streak and ghost free images, thanks to the AG-191DPB's 8ms
response time. Integrated speakers offer a complete multimedia
experience and space-saving convenience. And you'll be able to connect
your computer to the I-Inc AG-191DPB monitor with DVI and VGA

Display Type: TFT LCD
Viewable Screen Size: 19 inches
Pixel Pitch: 0.294 x 0.294 mm
Display Colors: 16.7 million
Input Video Signal: 15-pin D-sub DVI-D
Speakers: 2 x 1.5 watt Speakers
Contrast Ratio: 700:1
Brightness: 300 cd/m²
Response Time: 8 ms
Horizontal Viewing Angle: 150 degrees
Vertical Viewing Angle: 135 degrees
Maximum Resolution: 1280 x 1024

Also a couple of pics..

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K-Days Again This Month...

Rumors are surfacing that there will be another K-day collector event November 24th at 9 am at the local K-marts. There has been no official word from, but many have said that their stores have posters for the upcoming event. Rumors also state that some of the Sears stores that are stocking toys for Christmas will be included in this event..

As soon as some final word comes in I will post it here..

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New B Case Assortments..

These new cases are starting to make their appearance.. They have new 2008 models and some repaints from the past year.. They also have the last treasure hunt of the year, the Evil Twin. Once I see a case I will be able to give a little more detail as to what is in the mix..

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Ghost Hunters Season Finale..

Tomorrow night will be the final episode of the season.. It will be different then other episodes in that it will be a 90 minute question season with hist Josh Gates. They are going revisit the past three seasons and give a small glance into the next season. Also, there is going to be a new spin off called Ghost Hunters International which looks very exciting.. So tune in and check out Ghost Hunters tomorrow night..

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Friday, November 9, 2007

A Little Change To The Blog...

Things seemed to be a bit scrunched together on the other template, so, welcome to the new one.. This proves to be a much better layout than the last one.. Now I need to drum up some more stuff to talk about, heh..

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Last Nights Ghost Hunters..

I was not really impressed with the reveal of the investigation.. I was hoping for some EVPs or video. Most of what was shown I had seen on the investigation night.. There were only three things I had not really seen. One being the supposed face in the body chute. Second, the reaction on Kris and Dustin in the body chute where they encountered something unknown. Third, the close up of the ball in the hallway moving.... The second case was very cool. They caught several pieces of evidence that had me guessing. Although, for the mother to be so worried about her daughter, she had a very different reaction at the reveal. She seemed more ecstatic that there was something there in the house, than worried about something in the house.. Odd to say the least..

I think this was the final episode for the season, will have to check on that one..

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption ..

Ok, my first purchase for the Wii since I got Wii sports.. This game is very addictive. The graphics are good, but getting used to the Wii controls is a bit of a challenge. It took me a little time to learn to use the controls for this type of game. I am sure most people have had experience due to Zelda and others, but this was all new to me. This learning process added to the overall experience, although frustrating at times, it made you stick with it. Nothing was going to get the best of me, especially not a game.. I have made it through several levels, with a walk through guide from the internet, but it still is challenging. As I get a bit further I will continue the topic, but so far it is one that will keep you glued to your chair and screen..

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Tonight Is The Night..

Ghost Hunters tonight will reveal any evidence caught from last Wednesdays adventure in the Waverly Hills Sanatorium.. This is not one to miss, check for show times in your area.. I know it airs at 8 pm here in the central time zone.. You don't want to miss it, plus an all new Ghost Hunter episode after that..

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

B Cases Already Hitting Texas..

A post over on the Hot Wheels boards confirms that the new stuff is already starting to hit the area around Dallas. These cases contain several new 2008 models and the Evil Twin treasure hunt. Be on the lookout for the cases, if your store has received the case there are a few cars to look for. One in the new '77 Dodge Van, second would be the Spector, and keep an eye out for the Fiat 500.

You can also get some other ideas from the message board post here.

One note, you will need to register to read the post. But hey, it's free..

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Laptop Processor Upgrade..

I recently went through upgrading a processor in an old laptop from a 1.7 GHz to a 2.0 GHz. It has been a few days and it is running like a champ. I cannot say this enough though, you have to do your research. I found out that the older line of Pentium 4-m processors are interchangeable with the newer ones. I used Intel's site to research the one I currently had, with several from sites selling faster speed processors. I looked at the FSB, package type, and pin configuration. Once I compared several processors, I stayed with a 2.0 Ghz at the same 400 MHz FSB because that is what the motherboard currently has. With a little extra thermal compound (Arctic Silver) I completed the upgrade and am very happy.

You can get processor information at Intel's site.

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2007 Is Winding Down..

As we get closer to the end of the year the 2007 Hot Wheels are winding down. With each case, we see more and more 2008 models. There are a few 2008 first editions already out which include the Ratbomb, Dragtor, and Mustang Shelby GT-500. There still are two treasure hunts left to the year and those are the only ones I need to complete the set.. So I will try give a little recap on the 2007 stuff and lead into 2008. I will get some pics of the first 2008 models showing up as well.

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One Day To Go...

Tomorrow night the Ghost Hunters team will reveal anything caught during their 6 hour live Halloween broadcast. Check out your local listing for when the show will air. This will be very interesting to see, I for one cannot wait until they show that. For those of you who did not see the episode, there was activity all night. One of the best shows I have seen to date. Let's just hope that got some good hard evidence. Plus they have an all new episode after the reveal..

You can also check out Sci-fi's main site here

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Monday, November 5, 2007

Update To The First Cases..

Here is a picture of one of the first cases I found so far.. I have to post a pic of the others I have come across but here is this one for now..

There was only one '69 Custom Chevy Truck Hunt out of the five cases that were stocked..

And it was a $uper....

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More Holiday Rods...

These are pics of the ones I was actually looking for...

Now these are the best ones of the set..

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Hot Wheels Holiday Rods..

They are already hitting the stores.. I found the first ones at Target and more recently I have found them at Walmart. Keep an eye out for this little one..

This is said to be the treasure hunt of the set. The rest of the set includes La Troca, Barracuda Funny Car, Scorching Scooter, Mustang Mach 1, and the Hiway Hauler. They are about $4 - $5 dollars depending on where you pick them up.. But they make a great addition to your collection..

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A New Love In Hot Wheels Collecting...

I have found a new love in collecting Hot Wheels.. Finding things I grew up with, like these little gems..

I have some more pics that I will be posting of things I pick up here and there..

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Friday, November 2, 2007

Ghost Hunters Live Oct 31st...

Well, this show did not disappoint at all. There was a lot going on there. They even lost one of their cameras to an unexplained fall. From chasing shadows, seeing lights, and Steve getting tripped up by something grabbing him it was great. If you missed it, there will be a reveal next Wednesday of everything they caught or did not catch. This too promises to be very entertaining.

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