Monday, October 29, 2007

Wednesday Is Coming...

This Wednesday will be an all live Ghost Hunters from Waverly Hills Sanatorium.. This should be an awesome episode. They will be joined by Josh Gates who hosts destination truth.. The match up should be great.. Show starts at 9 pm Est/8 pm Cst..

You can get more info @ Sci-Fi

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

First Cases of 2008 Hot Wheels

It has been reported that there are cases with the codes 996AAH and 996AAZ from Mattel. I personally have seen the 996ABE cases. Out of 5 cases there was just 1 Super Custom '69 Chevy pickup. People are finding a lot more in the other codes.. The cases also have a slightly different design so keep your eyes open..

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New Ghost Hunters Tonight..

Check your local listings.. Also, an all new live Ghost Hunters next Wednesday for Halloween. They are doing it from Waverly Hills and is sure to be awesome..

Check it out..

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

That's right, they are on the way..

Several topics on the main Hot Wheels collector site have been posted with pictures of some of the new 2008 models. The first one showed up at the last K-mart day event, which was the Mustang GT-500 Shelby. The next two that have been talked about are the Ratbomb and Dragtor. As soon as I get some pictures I will post them for viewing. Looks as though I need to drop all 2007 and pick up here. But then again, we still have three more Treasure Hunts left for the year. Maybe once I get those I can proceed.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Great Case to Have..

I recently got a case to put all my computer tools in. The case is made by Hardigg and it is very nice. Called the Storm case it provides a lot of protection for sensitive equipment and is completely water proof. I was able to place everything inside the case, including my laptop in the top layer. They come in an assortment of sizes to meet your personal needs.. You can also choose several different options as far as the interior, from pick-n-pluck foam to custom inserts, they are well worth the investment. It is made from high quality plastic resin and is guaranteed for life.. Check out more facts by clicking on the link under the pictures..

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New Wii Remote Sleeves..

Or gloves as most of the people call them, are now out. These new ones are made by Nerf and claim to provide a lot of protection. They come in four different colors, pink, black, light blue, and lime green. They are sold through Gamestop and EBgames. Several of the Gamestops in the area have these already, but none in black. The one downfall to ordering them online is that you cannot pick what color you would prefer.. I will probably pick up one just to see what it is all about. Then wait to get a set of black ones, as they are $9.99 a piece.. Will let you know what happens.

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Just A Brief Listing..

Thought I would put up a brief listing of the Transformers deluxe class figures in case some do not know the whole line as of yet.

2007 Deluxe Transformers Movie Figures:

Bumblebee 1974 Camaro Yellow/Black
Bumblebee 2008 Concept Camaro Yellow/Black
Barricade (Police) Black/White
Barricade (Security) Silver/Blue
Final Battle Jazz w/battle damage

There you go! Hope you got them all. They are decent Transformers, but no where near the ones of the past....

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Hot Wheels Cases..

If you are one of the many people who have cases via Ebay or another source, P cases are no longer available. My source has informed us that the P cases all went to Walmart and/or K-mart. For those of us who ordered P cases from him, he is substituting the newer A cases for them. Also, N cases are also sold out and there will be no more. Just thought I would give you a heads up.. So if you ordered some get in touch with the seller and get things cleared up..

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Monday, October 8, 2007

Free Stuff for the Wii...

Nintendo is offering a few free replacement items depending on which system you purchased.. One of these items is a new remote jacket that provides protection to the remote itself or your opponent. Of course, they are only allowing one per console, but I think it is worth the effort to get it. You can get it HERE, all you do is enter the serial number. You will then be asked for address information on the next screen. Keep in mind on this one, although no matter how many you want from the drop down box, it defaults to just one when ordered. Next item is the wrist strap. There seems to be some sort of problem with some wrist straps originally provided not being strong enough. You can order replacements for these as well HERE, this time you can actually order up to the four in the drop down box. You will need to enter your address, e-mail, and phone number for shipping purposes..

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Transformers Everywhere..

If you haven't noticed with the dropping in prices on Ebay, Transformers are our in force. They are stocked now at every Walmart in my area. It also seems they get some every couple load. I purchased a few for customizing and notice something though. The Barricade I bought looked as though it was not quite put together right. There seems to be slight misalignments in the rear taillight areas, as well as, the front doors. The widows are suppose to separate and slide up, the previous ones I purchased did so smoothly. This one seems to move as though it was put together to tight. They still look good, but there are noticeable problems with the recent releases..

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Halloween Fright Cars..

Haven't seen them around here as of yet but they look pretty cool, if for nothing else, wheel donors.. They should be arriving very soon in the area, as they have been found in some of the northern states already. At $1.50 they are worth the buy..

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Xbox 360 Consoles..

As many people know, Halo 3 was released a couple of weeks back. Well, with the release of the game came the Halo 3 special edition console. Sporting an arm green look with gold and black accents this system fits into the Halo realm perfectly. Although the look is very cool and the equipment is great, there is something to look at. The Halo 3 console only provides you with a 20 gig hard drive for storage, most said to be filled at time of purchase. According to several searches on the internet, I came across many reviews that were against the Halo Edition console. Most sites recommend, for the additional $49 to purchase the elite console for the reason that it comes with pretty much the same hardware as the Halo console but you get the 120 gig hard drive. Plus, the system has a newer cooling system which, by many accounts, was the problem faced with the first run of the Xbox 360 consoles. So, if you are planning to buy a 360 do your research and buy wisely..

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New Hot Wheels Coming..

New cars are coming fast.. With the release of the A cases this next month, there are 2008 first editions popping up. They look great so far, although I have only seen the pictures via the web site. I cannot wait to see what they have selected for the rest of the line up. Will be curious to see if they keep with the Treasure Hunts divided into two groups again or will there be only one type. Hard to believe that the year is coming to a close and the next year is starting..

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New Episodes..

If you missed it last week, it was the premiere of the new season of Ghost Hunters. Two excellent episodes. The EVPs caught on the second investigation were awesome. This week promises to be great as well.

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Two Weeks Two More Loses..

Well, after this last weeks game where the 49ers lost 9-7, they now fall to 2-3. They are doing great on defense and special teams. What they need to do is work on their offense and get some points scored.. If they can accomplish that they should be in great shape..

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