Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Great K-day..

Well, Saturday was the K-mart collectors day and it was great.. My son was not able to attend, so I enlisted my father. We were the first ones called and entered the room where the cases were. There were only 8 cases to be opened. I took one case out labeled PC and handed that to my dad and I took the only other code out of the 8 which was PB. I opened it to find a new Enzo Ferrari Thunt. I also got the new color exclusives along with the first 2008 release, the Mustang GT 500. It was a lot of fun.. Cannot wait until the next one..

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Only a day away..

The new episodes of Ghost Hunters begin tomorrow evening.. Set the VCR, Tivo, or DVR so that you don't miss it... Or you can just tune in tomorrow night on Sci-Fi to watch it.. Check for times in your area by heading over to the Sci-Fi channel and look at their schedule..

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Halo 3 Released...

This game looks amazing.. I watched the release coverage via G4 last night in NYC. It was crazy. A Hummer suited up like a Warthog, several ATVs suited up like the ones in the game and Master Chief to hand out the first copies.. Now if I could only get an Xbox 360 Halo 3 Special Edition console..

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Epsisodes Begin...

Next Wednesday will be the beginning of the new season for the T.A.P.S. crew. With such a great last season, I cannot wait to see what they find this season.. Checkout Sci-Fi.com for times and listings..

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49ers Face Steelers....

This will be one of the hardest games yet. Both teams are working on a 2-0 record and the Steelers present an excellent defense, ranked third in the NFL right now. They also have a great offensive line, so this will truly be an interesting game..

Starts at noon CST.

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Only 2 Days To Go..

Only two days until the K-mart Hot Wheel Day event.. Make sure you get there about an hour before the doors open.. There are also several cars showing up on E-bay, so go figure. I know I will be there to hopefully get the good stuff.. There are a mix of new 2008 cars and it is said that the hunt is indeed what I thought it might be....the Ferrari Enzo.

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Transformers at H.E.B.

I came across a double sided display of the first run Transformers assortment, which contained three layers. The top layer had the gear assortment of Transformers. There were a total of 72 of the gear assortment which includes both sides. The second layer was the deluxe assortment, which also contained 72 for both sides. The bottom layer was the shelf warmer Optimus arm blaster. I did not do a count on these, but I would guess about 10-14 of them for both sides. This is the only place I have seen any deluxe for about a month...

Good Hunting...

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Monday, September 17, 2007

49ers Top Rams

Again, in a more defensive game, the 49ers beat the Rams on Sunday by a score of 17-16. The 49ers had several turnovers at key moments in which they could have increased their score. With minutes to go at the end of the fourth quarter, the Rams missed a 56 yard field goal that helped the 49ers hang on to the one point lead.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Holiday Rods for 2007..

These are some cool rides.. especially the Mach I mustangs in three color variations. Will have to get those.. Also, Holiday rods singles for hanging on the tree, as well as a three pack offered only from Target. Check out more details of other Holiday rods at the link below..


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A Great Computer Parts Store..

I have found Directron to be one of the best stores to do business with here in Texas. Please try them out, I am sure you will not be disappointed. Normal ground shipping usually takes a single day in state, however, you have to pay sales tax. If you look though, it usually comes out lower or even in price to other sites out there. Check them out at the link below...

Directron - Best Discount Store- For Computer Parts - Houston, Texas

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K-mart Hot Wheels Collectors Day...

K-mart has it official collecting day set for Sept. 22. You can find out more information if you follow the link to the right on the side bar. New exclusive paint jobs, exclusive mail in car, and possibly some new 2008 cars. No one knows if there will be any Treasure Hunts at this one, or what it will be. Hopefully, it will be one I do not have..

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49ers @ Rams this weekend..

Hopefully they will take this game as well. Will have to watch and see. Game starts at 12:00pm cst.

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New blog site...

Working on getting this site up and going... It is more customizable than the other..