Monday, March 30, 2009

Videos You Must Watch..

The more these get around to people the better..  If you love this country, it is your duty to share these and wake up the masses that are the only ones that can change what is going on in Washington.. When you think about ignoring this, remember your kids and grand kids, we owe it to them not to leave them a legacy of debt and bad policies.   We need to take charge and send this country back in the right direction.  Are we to the point where we look to government for everything?  What happened to the idea of working hard for your money.  Now, you work hard for your money to give it away to those that do nothing.  The same people who are on every government program and drive the expensive cars, wear $150 dollar shoes, wear $200 dollar clothes, have expensive stereo systems, and all other sorts of things.  Where has America gone?  We need to stand up and bring America back to its glory and those in Washington are not going to do it..  Stop electing people that don’t listen to the people..  There are those that need to be replaced, the ones that got us here in the first place..

Never give up never surrender !!



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