Saturday, March 14, 2009

Some Random Sites New To Me..

So, I am learning the Twitter thing, it is a cool site and can be very addicting.  I have been able to effectively Twitter from my Instinct phone and have tried several different third party programs for Twitter..  The one I find easiest to use out of all of them is TweetDeck.  It will let you organize people by group or favorites.  It will let you filter and search the columns, do just about everything you need.  You can also just follow them all in a single column, which tends to be a bit confusing..  If you are new to twitter, it is worth checking it out..

Facebook, yeah Facebook.  I just signed up not too long ago, but I have seen people complaining about the new format.  I am not sure what that was, so I can not elaborate on that aspect.  However, the "new" Facebook, while interesting is just nothing like I expected.  I am thinking of just staying with MySpace and Twitter for now, but still undecided.  First thing, Facebook needs to be a bit more customizable, does it not?  I understand they don't want it to look like another MySpace but give us a little more to mess around with.  So far I see it as a bland and uninviting social network.  Since I am only into it about a week and a half that might change over time, IF I still proceed to use it.

A new music site I saw mentioned on Twitter last night, Grooveshark.  A Java based internet music hosting site that lets you post, listen to, or link music to blogs via export to widget, Twitter, StumbleUnpon and Facebook.  You download the uploader which is java based and it lets you pick the directories and folders you want to add music from.  I was able to upload songs but not all of them, I think it was because of them being mostly iTunes format.  But it still still got a lot of the good ones uploaded.  I think it is worth checking out, at least once..

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